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The best leaders turn major threats into strategic advantages

Become part of an exclusive and powerful consortium of chief executives

Harness the collective knowledge & wisdom of peers who help each other take their business and life to the next level


 • Join a private peer advisory group of chief executives who lead similar-size businesses in different industries (who are not competitors, suppliers, customers, or stakeholders)

 • Engage in confidential high-value peer conversations that would not or could not happen elsewhere

 • Receive new ideas, unbiased advice, and practical solutions from the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of peers

— An Exclusive & Powerful Community of Chief Executives —

Leaders Helping Leaders


Founded in 2006 by and for CEOs as one of the nation's premier CEO forums. Membership is limited to qualified, member-approved chief executives.

Meetings are for chief executives only — closed to employees, the public, and the press. Members never send substitutes or bring staff to meetings.

Exclusivity provides a safe place for chief executives to share candid comments and concerns with peers in total confidence. Member discussions and conversations are always 100% "off-the-record".


Chief executives and acclaimed thought leaders offer outside perspective, actionable ideas, and innovative tactics that CEOs need to continually improve their organization's performance.

Members exchange knowledge, concerns, and recommendations about the ongoing issues that their businesses are facing and discuss which strategies work best.

Confidential and completely candid  discussions about strategic leadership challenges generate the ideas and advice needed to make the best decisions and excel in this rapidly changing world.


Members strategically expand their professional network and build influence outside their industry and community .

Members build valuable, supportive, and lasting relationships with successful, high-caliber chief executives who willingly share their knowledge, best practices, ideas, and unbiased strategic advice when needed.

Members gain access to a growing network of chief executives who lead companies in many different industries and business sectors, located in many parts of the nation and beyond.

— A World Class Source of Leadership Knowledge and Peer Connections —

The CEO Guild Experience


Better Ideas

Accelerate Sales, Revenue & Profit

CEO Wisdom Exchange

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Engage in interactive briefings with acclaimed business thought leaders and chief executives. Then participate in a deep-dive discussion with a small group of your peers. Expand your perspective, receive high-value ideas and experience break-through insights that lead to competitive advantage.


Better Perspective

Make Better Decisions in Less Time

CEO Advisory Board

Uncover Your Blind Spots

Explore strategic leadership challenges in a private small group of trusted peers. Dig deeper using our facilitated proprietary methodology and receive (or share) unbiased, informed, on-point advice, knowledge, ideas, and the solutions you need to make better decisions and achieve better results in less time.


Better Execution

Maximize Leadership Performance

CEO Leadership Retreat

Reset, Connect, Clarity

Join a select group of CEOs in private at a location where you can unplug from the intensity of non-stop demands and have time to build relationships, dive deep into the issues that keep you up, and gain the clarity you need to conquer strategic challenges and take your organization to the next level.

You Decide: Convenient & Secure Virtual Meetings and/or In-Person Meetings
• Interactive Briefings  • Small Group Discussions  • Peer Introductions  • Networking Opportunities  • Private Conversations 

Direct Access to Peer-Recommended Experts, Coaches, and Consultants

— A Brain Trust of CEO Wisdom —

Our Members

The Chief Executives of Multi-Million and Multi-Billion-Dollar Businesses

Members primarily engage with true peers—
chief executives leading similar-sized, non-competing businesses

Peer group conversations are confidential and without conflicts of interest (chief executives of competing businesses, suppliers, customers, or those with a financial connection to another member's business always participate in a different peer group)

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— Results That Matter —

What Members Say

Despite having every second of my life booked, I took a big chance and joined the Chief Executives Guild. Then I was able to successfully implement innovative strategic changes and exceed revenue expectations thanks to the ideas and advice I received from the members of my CEO Advisory Board, which included the chief executives of Dave’s Killer Breads, Ledlenser, Biamp Systems, and other midmarket companies. This is one of several reasons why I have found the Chief Executives Guild so valuable and strongly recommend it to other CEOs.

—Wendy Collie, CEO, New Seasons Markets
& former SVP & GM of Starbucks

This organization pulls together some of the finest chief executives into engaging and provocative forums. The caliber of both the members and meetings is impressive. Personally, when I leave these meetings I am recharged and refreshed. This is only possible because of the leadership's deep passion for connecting the latent needs of chief executives with the latest ideas, techniques, and solutions.

—Denise Nemchev, President & CEO, Stanley Bostitch

The Chief Executives Guild has continually provided exceptional value for the time and money invested. My CEO Advisory Board knowledge, ideas and advice has increased my leadership competence in so many areas and keeps me focused on the big picture. Having peers to go for perspective and advice when tackling the tough issues I face as the top decision maker has been invaluable.

—Roger Lord, President, Mason, Bruce & Girard

My CEO Advisory Board is a think tank of chief executives who are totally dedicated to each other’s and my success. Together we’ve untangled some pretty knotty problems. It makes such a difference to have a group of CEOs, who are people you trust, like and respect, looking out for you.

—Rakesh Sridharan, President, Ledlenser

I've been participating in the CEO Wisdom Exchange, a CEO Advisory Board and coaching for over a year and find all to be extremely valuable. The candid dialogue with peers has helped me better tackle tough challenges and increase my company's competitive edge in tough times.

—Larry Fox, President, OBEC

Nobody outside the CEO role gets the complexities of what we deal with. In the Chief Executives Guild everyone gets it. And thanks to the collective wisdom of the members of my CEO Advisory Board, I’ve been able to tackle my biggest challenges quicker and more effectively.

—Rick Jung, Chairman & CEO, Clinicent

The CEO Wisdom Exchange is invaluable. CEO peer group conversations are strategic and substantive. And I always gain an important actionable insights and better approaches that help me more effectively deal with the leadership challenges I need to address.

—Scott Judkins, CEO, PayTrace

In Today's Rapidly Changing Word
Leading a Business Requires Extraordinary Skill

Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Are you the chief executive of a multi-million or multi-billion-dollar business?

  • Do you have an executive team and are you responsible for a workforce?

  • Are ethics, social impact, purpose, and legacy important to you?

  • Do you lead at a higher-level—achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well being of all involved?

  • Are you a life-long learner, someone who believes in continually honing your leadership skills?

  • Are you willing to invest the time needed to make sure you and your business succeed & thrive?

If you answered "YES" to the above questions

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— Established in 2006 —
— An exclusive and powerful consortium of chief executives who help each other take their business and life to the next level —