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Chief Executives Guild

The Chief Executives Guild brings the leaders of non-competing businesses together where they can safely and confidentially discuss professional and personal challenges, gain access to the collective wisdom of their peers and receive decision-support and unbiased advice on successfully navigating the leadership challenges they face. Members share their knowledge, experience and strategic thinking with their peers — supporting each other in achieving the business and personal results each member desires.


2006 — We began in Providence, Rhode Island, as the Chief Executives Club of RI. Our mission was to bring chief executives in the region together to gain new ideas, share their experiences and help each other achieve business growth with increased profitability — ultimately increasing jobs and strengthening the state’s economy during economically challenging times.

2012 — We moved our offices to Portland, OR, and changed our name to the Chief Executives Guild with a mission to help the chief executives of mid-market companies in the pacific northwest achieve the business growth and profitability needed to increase jobs, wages and strengthen of the region’s economy. The greater Portland region's economy is now booming.

2019 — We moved our offices to Avon, Connecticut, with a mission of bringing founders and second generation chief executives of medium and large family-owned business together to help each other find the best solutions to the challenges leaders of privately held and family owned businesses. In March of 2020 the pandemic shut-down in Connecticut forced us to cancel and postpone our Connecticut launch event and all future meetings and events.

2020 — We redesigned our CEO Wisdom Exchange and CEO Advisory Board as online/virtual events and meetings, developing an innovative, proprietary format that provides members with the same or similar high value they receive attending our in-person meeting and events.

2021 — We are re-launching the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island with by-invitation/no-substitute CEO-only hybrid (combined live & virtual) meetings and events. Invitations will be sent to CEOs of RI employers, offering membership and then participation CEO-only meetings & events, and private CEO roundtable discussions with chief executives who lead similar-sized, non-competing organizations in different industries or business sectors.


Member Job Title:

 • Membership is limited to Chief Executives because the strategic buck-stops-here leadership challenges and potential solutions discussed in our meetings are unique to those at the top of their organization.

Member Company Size & Structure:

 • Members primarily meet and interact with true peers — chief executives who lead similar-sized, non-competing organizations — CEOs who can best relate to each other's leadership challenges.

Member Character Traits:

 • Members value learning and honing their leadership skills and are willing to help their peers do the same.

 • Members believe in ethically achieving results that have a positive impact on people, local communities, our nation, and the global environment.

See the list of the companies our Alumni lead or led when they were members


CEO Wisdom Exchange

 • An ongoing source of new ideas and solutions. Live interactive briefings by acclaimed thought-leaders and accomplished CEOs, followed by deep-dive discussion with peers. Members gain new perspectives and actionable insights that solve problems, accelerate sales, and increase competitive advantages.

CEO Advisory Board

 • Confidential & unbiased decision-support and strategic advice from a curated group of peer chief executives who help each other tackle their most important challenges.  Professionally facilitated meetings using our proprietary wisdom sharing process.

CEO Retreats

 • Unplug from the intensity of non-stop demands.

 • Build new & deepen existing peer relationships.

 • Dive deep into the strategic issues that keep you up and gain the clarity you need to conquer challenges, make the best possible decisions, and take your organization to the next level.

 • Achieve the business results, legacy, and personal life you desire.

CEO Leadership Support

 • Direct Access to Peer-Recommended Experts, Coaches and Consultants.


Robert E. Fiske

Founder, President & CEO of the Chief Executives Guild

Robert Fiske

Real leaders talk openly about their failures. They never hide from them, because they know that’s where the best learning comes from."

—Robert E. Fiske

(As quoted in the book “Real Influence” by Mark Goulston & John Ullmen.)

(860) 773-0330

Robert’s passion is to make the world a better place by helping chief executives continually increase their leadership potential and achieve the results and legacy they desire, because better leadership means better workplaces with happier, healthier and more engage employees, customers, and vendors, which ultimately has a significant positive impact on everyone living in the communities in which the business operates.

Robert offers the following services to chief executives:

Curating, convening & facilitating CEO Advisory Boards

L² Coaching Services — Executive Leadership & Life Mastery Coaching for CEOs

Confidant & Coaching Services for CEOs dealing with a personal crisis

Robert's professional experience includes:

Over 14 years’ experience creating and leading highly-valued CEO meetings & events, and executive leadership development and decisions support services to chief executives of small, midmarket, large, and Fortune 500 enterprises that are privately-held, public, family-owned, and nonprofit.

Founder and leader of the Chief Executives Guild (originally the Chief Executives Club of RI)

Creator of the L² CEO Coaching methodology and the coach training & certification process

Managing Partner of the C&F Brand Communications Agency

Fortune 500 Executive – Head of HP's global C-Suite Executive Engagement initiatives

Creator and Managing Director of the 1995 and 2000 World Business Leader Forums

Founder & chief executive of DataSolutions International, Inc.

Chief executives praise Robert for understanding what CEO need, providing exceptional value, and consistently exceeding expectations.

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